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Re: [Question #681518]: makecloud in Cylinder


Question #681518 on Yade changed:

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jamespaul is still having a problem:
Hi Jan,

I still have some questions about randomDensePack:

>If I use     
  sphs = pack.randomDensePack(pred,radius=0.05,spheresInCell=300)

  I calculated the number of spheres and about 1200.It is different from

>So I went to the document to see the meaning of spheresInCell.

In the document[1]:spheresInCell – if given, the packing will be
periodic, with given number of spheres in the periodic cell.Is the
process of particle formation periodic boundary, or is it periodic
boundary when it runs?And why 1200>given number of spheres?

>I adjusted the spheresInCell=200.And went wrong.

Unable to shring cell due to maximum body size (although required by
stress condition). Increase particle rigidity, increase total sample
dimensions, or decrease goal stress.


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