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Re: [Question #681486]: Poor pore pressure transmission in FlowEngine


Question #681486 on Yade changed:

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Chu is still having a problem:
Thanks Bruno,

I added triax.dead=1 to the script,but the pore pressure field seems no better[1].
I also find that if I use equal particle size(all particle size = 0.2mm)[2] or bigger particle size[3](psdSizes,psdCumm=[0.0002,0.0003,0.0015,0.002],[0,0.35,0.35,1.]),without triax.dead=1,the result seems better.

I use very small particle size so that the size of model is very
small.So boundary pressure is 0.01kPa which results in a proper
hydraulic gradient.

Thanks again for your suggestions.


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