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[Question #681904]: Apply constant stress on aabb walls


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Hi everyone,

I was trying to apply constant stress to a flat surface using setPermF and aabb walls parallel to the xz plane. However, I'm getting this error message: AttributeError: 'ForceContainer' object has no attribute 'setPermF'. Does anyone know what I am missing here? 

wall = O.bodies.append(utils.aabbWalls(material=wall,thickness=0.000,color=(1,1,1)))
# delete other walls only save walls in y axis

bottom_wall = O.bodies[wall[2]]
bottom_wall.state.blockedDOFs = 'xzXYZ'
bottom_wall.state.mass = 1

upper_wall = O.bodies[wall[3]]
upper_wall.state.blockedDOFs = 'xzXYZ'
upper_wall.state.mass = 1

#set force
force = 40e6*0.02*0.02 #stress*area
O.forces.setPermF(bottom_wall.id, (0,force,0)) #bottom_wall.id
O.forces.setPermF(upper_wall.id, (0,-force,0))

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