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Re: [Question #683380]: define bond strength


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
Just a remark for future questions, it would be helpful if you could
link to our documentation so that we know we are speaking of the same
parameters e.g. [1].

1) normalCohesion and shearCohesion parameters define the normal and
shear bond strengths in CohFrictMat. As shown in the source code, they
are converted to an adhesion when the interaction is created [2].

2) When defining the material:


> However, when I change the normalCohesion and/or shearCohesion in
CohFrictMat there is no change

Because the interactions are created once with the parameters provided
by the material. After that the interactions no longer use the material,
so changing parameters in the material only affects newly created

>How can we control the value of O.interactions.phys.normalAdhesion/

I suppose just like that: O.interactions[i].phys.normalAdhesion =

3.) Once an interaction is considered cohesive, it will continue to be
cohesive until a breaking criteria is violated. Using
setCohesionOnNewContacts, would mean that any new contacts are always
considered cohesive.

4.) Usually we reserve one thread for one question. I guess I am
indulging 3 too many at this point :-) [3] (pt 5)


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