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[Question #683653]: Disable a cell in YADE?


New question #683653 on Yade:

Hi YADE community, 

like the title said, is there any way at this moment in YADE, one can disable / eliminate a cell ?

If you are curious about why I come up with this question, let me tell you my problem. I have a cylindrical packing of particle (data from experiment). I want to create a cylindrical  container for this packing and also need the triangulation of this configuration. The problem is that I cannot run the triangulation based on this . Instead, I have to create a cubic container. This cubic container results in 4 long channel of void space at the 4 corners, which is not a real thing in the original experiment. That why I need to find the way to disable the cells within these 4 corner regions. 

Looking forward to your help, 

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