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Re: [Question #683488]: saving data


Question #683488 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> save particle's physical data such as velocity, position, angular
velocity ... Is it possible?????

of course. The way how to save it depends on how you want to see it, what you want to do with it, how often you want to save the data, if you have some limit on file size .....................
Some options:
- using O.save(...), then you can O.load(...) the saved file and see it directly in Yade
- using VTKReorder or VTKExporter to save data in .vtk format to be displayed e.g. by Paraview
- saving data "manually"
   - you can then convert them to .vtk files
   - you can load data from them into Yade and see them in Yade
   - whataver else..

> If it is possible to save all data of particles, can I see particle motions in 3D rendering window by using the saved data?
> saving the data and showing the result in the 3D rendering window.

Yes, it is possible.
BUT do you have any particular reason to use "the 3D rendering window"?
Consider using a different software dedicated for data visuaization, like Paraview.

> what kinds of parameters that I have to save? I am thinking to save
positions, velocities, angular velocities, and orientation of all
particles. Is it enough to see the result in the 3D rendering window?

depends on what "the result" is. 
position and orientation (orientation is not needed for spherical particles) is enough to see current state.
E.g. for velocity field visualization you need velocity, for strain visualizations you need displacement .........

> Anyone knows any examples related to this work?

yes, anyone using yade seriously knows examples related to this work.


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