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Re: [Question #683708]: Elastic potential energy of polyhedra


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Vasileios Angelidakis posted a new comment:
Hi Jan,

Thanks for taking a look at this.
I think assuming that V is proportional to u^3 using a fixed estimation can be risky, since it depends highly on the geometry of the overlap region. :p

I like the idea of an equivalentPenetrationdepth, since it simplifies
our problem in that the elastic potential work is
F*equivalentPenetrationDepth (the integral of the force along the
distance it acts on).

Currently, this distance is estimated by dividing the penetrationVolume by the area perpendicularly to the contact normal direction.
I think it would be more straightforward if we calculated two opposite points of the overlap volume, along the normal direction, passing from the contact point, and calculate the equivalentPenetrationDepth as the distance of these points.

Calculating the equivalentPenetrationDepth deterministically can give us
an exact calculation for the "area" as well
(=penetrationVolume/equivalentPenetrationDepth), in case you have any
other uses for this parameter.

All the best,

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