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Re: [Question #683851]: contact detection between polyhedra and sphere


Question #683851 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> what i want to know is how to detect that wether polyhedra and sphere
are contact or not.

what is the use case? As it is on Yade forum, I assumed usage in Yade. Yade does:
- reject "too far away" bodies by a collider uisng axis aligned boundong boxes
- evaluate (determine contact point, normal, ...) potential contact. Yes/No contact is a possible natural outcome.

In general case, one way (used currently) is to compute the closest point of the polyhedron surface (to the sphere's center) and test if that point is inside the sphere*.
Currently I don't know about any other method (but I did no research on this topic)

* plus the case when the sphere is entirely inside the polyhedron


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