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Re: [Question #683967]: GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper with Potential Blocks


Question #683967 on Yade changed:

Robert Caulk posted a new comment:
> Do you think this would slow down the engine or find any theoretical

If it is just a single logical operator checking the for a
potentialblock, the engine won't slow down. From a units standpoint,
what you suggest makes more sense.

I guess I just have two questions:
  - what is currently happening when you GlobalSitffnessTimeStepper with potential blocks? Is it over estimating the time step, resulting in instability? If not, the change you suggest will simply decrease the estimated time step which will slow down yours (and maybe others) simulations. 

 - are other people depending on the code being the way it is now? (I
guess no, but you know better than me)


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