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Re: [Question #684504]: stress field


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> however, all the values in each file are the same.
> while -triax.strain[1]-re22< target_strain:
>  step1 = step1+10000 ##### I want to save it every 10000 steps.
>  vtk.exportSpheres(ids='all',what=[('stress','b.mystress')],useRef=True)

just read the while loop again. While something, set step1 and then exportSpheres and than again set step1, exportSpheres, set step1, exportSpheres....
Probably you are missing something like O.run(10000,True) before vtk.exportSpheres

> I want to save the files every 10000 steps. while the vtk.flies save
every step.

see above, the vtk files are saved all just in one step


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