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Re: [Question #684615]: per particle stress for specific region


Question #684615 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> the print number is not the same as the particle numbers show in the show3D window view.
> at the same time this is not the same as in the Paraview plot.

what are actual numbers?

in show3D, there are all particles, not only from th top layer, so this is logical.
concerning Paraview, e.g. the problem could be that in ball_list3, there are not only spheres, but only spheres are exported to vtk file.

> ball_list1 =[]
> ball_list2 =[]
> ball_list3 =[]
> ...
>   ball_list3.append(...)

this could be another problem, you append to ball_list (most likely) duplicities each call of subbox().
reset the lists at the beginning of subbox():
def subbox():
 global ball_list3 # needed with the way it is done now
 ball_list3 =[]


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