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Re: [Question #689234]: How to export relative velocity of spheres to Paraview


Question #689234 on Yade changed:

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Chien-Cheng Hung is still having a problem:
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your quick reply!

> relative velocity with respect to what? relative velocity of
interacting bodies for all interactions?

Sorry I didn't describe clearly. But, yes, the relative velocity of interacting bodies for all interactions.
The relative velocity of the spheres that I want to obtain is described in ScGeom [1].

> above, b.state.vel and i.phys.normalForce is only illustrative, needs
to be replaced by actual formula for relative velocity.

Can I get the formula for relative velocity [1] somewhere in Yade? Or I
have to define one by myself?


[1] https://yade-

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