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Re: [Question #689407]: Are there any way to stop particles poping out of the box?


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> Are there any function key to make top box stop when the particles is
tightly packed at the bottom of the box, how?

there are several approaches, depending on your specific definition of what "tightly packed" is, e.g.:
- you know desired packing fraction (the resulting box volume), so you can a priori tell when to stop the top box
- based on unbalancedForce, kinetic energy, whatever.. checking it periodically and stop when the desired state is reached

To make the box step, just assign it zero velocity:
top.state.vel = Vector3.Zero

> Are there any way to stop particles poping out of the box, how?

- increase stiffness of the box (use another material for them)
- or stop it before it pushes particles away (see above)


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