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[Question #689592]: Calibrating paramters under different confining pressure


New question #689592 on Yade:

I have few questions about parameters calibration of triaxial compression simulations under different confining pressure.

I have calibrated the model parameters (e.g., porosity, Young module, Poisson ratio, friction angle, alphaKr,alphaKtw) to make the stress-strain response and volumetric resonse well agree with the experimental results from a drained triaxial compression test under 100 KPa confining pressure.

However, when I keep all the parameters the same and only change the confining pressure from 100 KPa to 400 KPa, the DEM result is not agree with the experiment results under 400 KPa.

My question are : 
1. Does this means that the set of parameters I gained under 100 KPa is not 'right' (or not well calibrated) ? Should the well calibrated parameters be applicable for different confining pressure?
2. Are there any parameters that should be re-calibrated when I change the confining pressure from 100 KPa to 400 KPa? 

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