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[Question #689755]: Modeling hydarulic fracturing in rock medium


New question #689755 on Yade:

Hi Guys,

I am interested in modeling hydraulic fracturing in rock medium. I have played around with YADE (no fluids) for a month now and I understand the implementation on the cohesive elements. Now it’s time to add the fluids part in. I have read the thesis of Emanuele Catalano and Timos Papachristos and their related publications. From my understanding, FluidEngine might not be the best option rather DFNFlow would be a better choice [1]. I can't find any documentation or example on DFNFlow. Can anyone direct me to understand how to implement DFNFlow in my YADE model.

Thank you soo much!

[1] https://github.com/yade/trunk/blob/master/pkg/pfv/DFNFlow.cpp#L170

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