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Re: [Question #689741]: Implémentation of capillary force during mechanical contact


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...Thank you very much for your replies..

For ViscElCapMat (*), the point is that A Gladky and al in his work
(Comparison of different capillary bridges model for application in the
discrete element method: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1403.7926.pdf) precises
"We are neglecting effects of capillary forces during mechanical contact
because we are not aware of a proved model for that case.... and the
capillary forces are in order of magnitude much smaller than the
mechanical ones".

For Capillaryphys (**), Luc Scholtès in his thesis (p.62) explains that the capillary force during penetration delta_n >0 is kept constant equal to its maximal value Fcapmax (value of capillary force at contact delta_n = 0) (and supposing small penetration distances compared to radius)....

So my point is that a value for the capillary force may be calculated in case of penetrating particles for both formulations but I have to see if the specific geometry of penetrating particles is correctly taken into account by the implemented models, I would like a more reliable calculation of the capillary force in this case....

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