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Re: [Question #689755]: Modeling hydarulic fracturing in rock medium


Question #689755 on Yade changed:

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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:
The above InteractionLoop indeed is appropriate to use JCFpm (note there
are examples in examples/jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM/, eg [*] for the
latest YADE version)

For the exact attribute values, it is up to you (you're here missing
Law2_ScGeom_JCFpmPhys_JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM.smoothJoint = 1 for
instance, in case you would like to apply smooth joint logic)

For the imposed volume flow rate, this looks like a different question ;-)
(maybe already covered in previous ones ?)

[*] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/tree/master/examples/jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM

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