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Re: [Question #689771]: ptonparticle2 search exceeded 50000 iterations! step:0 0 0


Question #689771 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Vasileios Angelidakis requested more information:
Hi Zhiruo,

The error "ptonparticle2 search exceeded 50000 iterations! step:0 0 0"
usually occurs when the overlap between two particles is too large. I
cannot replicate the error in your latest message (#2), but would advise
you to check that the particles you generate with makeCloud are not
overlapping initially and so, generate them inside non-overlapping
spheres. I.e, for a cube with an edge of 5, the radius of the smallest
bounding sphere is 5/2*sqrt(3).

I see that in #2 you generated a larger box with dimensions around
100*100*4. Can you please try to generate a box with the dimensions of
the original question?

Giving you answers on two different problems in the same thread will
confuse us both :)


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