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Re: [Question #695164]: Interparticle spacing


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
>1- Is there a more efficient approach to get the interparticle spacing?

Yes. Iterate on interactions and compute distance between particle

>2- I found two functions in Yade documentation [1]: getVertices and
printVertices, are those vertices belongs to the Delaunay triangulation
(i.e. the vertices of the tetrahedra that forms the mesh for flow

Probably yes, but you are linking to the entire doc. Better to link to
individual functions like this [1] so we know what you are referencing.

>3- What are the values that I get from getVertices function? are they
the Ids of the cells?

getVertices gives you the 4 vertex ids comprising the argument cell.

>4- printVertices gives a txt file with six columns: id, x, y, z, alpha,
fictitious. What does alpha and id

id - vertex id
alpha - if the vertex is alpha boundary or not. Special boundary type. If you dont know what this means then you don't need to worry about it. 


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