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Re: [Question #695226]: RungeKuttaCashKarp54Integrator with gridConnections is causing errors


Question #695226 on Yade changed:

Bruno Chareyre posted a new comment:
>  It could be that there is a mismatch between what you input at the
interactions scale and what you expect in terms of damping at the
structural scale

I would say the bending viscosity of the interactions should  be a
multiple of ~N/L, do we agree on that?

> https://github.com/rohitkjohnedu/yade_laws .

Problem here is we can't see you changes.
>From the top of my head, you need to do something like:
0. get sources with "git clone"
1. edit sources
2. "git commit -a -m 'that's my change'"
3. git push to gitlab/github whatever

This way we can see what was done specifically in step 1


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