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Re: [Question #695154]: Polyhedra contact instability (potential Bug?)


Question #695154 on Yade changed:

Karol Brzezinski posted a new comment:
Dear Ákos,

thank you for adding the description of the problem o the Gitlab and
your help. Taking into account all your advice, including Bruno's
encouragement for learning by practice and Jan's proposal for searching
for an easy fix, I did a crazy attempt.

I've learned how to compile Yade and just tried different small options and modifications (pure alchemy, not really knowing what I am doing). One of my first guesses led to the potential "solution". 
I have changed the Dimension_tag parameter in line 515 of the Polyhedra_support.cpp (dev trunk) [1] from '1' to '0'.

"linear_least_squares_fitting_3(segments.begin(), segments.end(), fit,

Now I get results similar to yours and way more stable simulation in
general. I think that may be the solution, but please don't ask me why
it works :)

Best wishes,

[1] https://gitlab.com/yade-

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