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[Question #695673]: Contact angle solid liquid phases - 2PFV


New question #695673 on Yade:

Dear all,

I couldn't find in the documentation of TwoPhaseFlowEngine (or in earlier works using such engine) if it is possible to set different properties to the solid partices in order to obtain heterogeneity of liquid - solid contact angle.

My point is to create certain heterogeneity of wetting properties (e.g. contact angle) of the solid phase in order to obtain preferential paths during drying or wetting processes using  2PFV (TwoPhaseFlowEngine).

In fact, I believe (but not sure) that the angles formed in the liquid bridges between solid particles are dependent on particle diameter only (Delaunay triangulation to weighted points). Not sure how to insert such wetting properties in this method though.

Does it make sense to you, or is it already being contemplated by the 2PFV engine?


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