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Re: [Question #695739]: Calculation of the number of contact point in the particles


Question #695739 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
yet another option is to use [1]
bodyInteractions = b.intrs()
returning list of body interactions. If you are interested merely in the number, then
returns you the result, or you can do some more fancy postprocessing (like counting only interactions with spheres, excluding walls:
def isSphereSphere(i):
    bs = [O.bodies[id] for id in (i.id1,i.id2)]
    return all(isinstance(b.shape,Sphere) for b in bs)
len([i for i in bodyInteractions if isSphereSphere(i)])

The optimal choice really depends on your needs..


[1] https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.wrapper.html#yade.wrapper.Body.intrs

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