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Re: [Question #695874]: 3D image


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Ali Abdallah gave more information on the question:
Thank you very much for your reply

I want to have a raw 3D voxel-based image (.raw or .tif)  just as the
one obtained in a micro-CT Xray image that can be later processed by a
pore network extraction code.

By the domain I just meant any sample of particles  either spheres or
polyhedral  that's why I didn't mention a MWE.

Yes you are right the .vtu is not a direct 3D surface but has data that
can be converted into 3D surfaces using Paraview .  Is there any free
tool that can convert this .vtu file to a raw 3D voxel-based images
(.raw or .tif).

I wrote a simple algorithm that can voxelize the domain(sample of
particles) and I saved the data into a binary file (.npy) consisting of
voxels with a value of either 1 or 0 which represent if the voxel is
inside a particle or in a void space; Is it possible to convert this
data (the position of each voxel and its type 0or 1) to a .raw file?

Thank you very helping me

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