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Re: [Question #695935]: Floating point exception (core dumped)


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> I was using Ubuntu 18.04 ... my Ubuntu updated to 20.04 automatically

Maybe "accidentally" instead of "automatically? ("automatic upgrade"
does not sound like how Ubuntu (used to?) work)

>  If I want to make the code works, should I still install the Yade

definitely it is an option.
Depending on how you use the Ubuntu (I have there all job and personal data, program settings, ..., would not want to install it from scratch)

> in Yade 2018.02b ... in Yade 2020.01

you have 2 years of development, some behavior may change. Concerning makeCloud and seed, there were some bugs / bug fixing [2].
I guess a significant change is Python 2  -> Python 3, which also may break something in your scripts (e.g. int/float division).

> And then I run the second file. The "Floating point exception (core
dumped)" error will show when running this file:

what is a typical running time of the scripts?
"a lot of files" is not a big problem for mere testing.
Of course, debugging and searching for problem solution is completely different topic, where a MWE required by Robert would/should help significantly.

Concerning seed in different versions, see the commit [2], the related
bug, date of the commit w.r.t yade versions you use, possibly other
history of this part of the file, ......


[2] https://gitlab.com/yade-

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