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Re: [Question #696009]: Polyhedra gravity deposit simulation explodes with no damping


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Karol Brzezinski posted a new comment:
I believe there is not such a thing for polyhedra (but I may be wrong, I
am only a user). I wouldn't be so strict about the Newton damping. If
you want to model a pendulum, damping should be definitely zero, but if
you are dropping some rocks into a box... I would give it a try.

Newton damping is not physical, but the coefficient of restitution isn't
either. The difference is that the first one slows down also the
particles that are not in contact. Some viscosity or plasticity would
have better physical meaning. A skilled developer could probably
implement it into the source code. Otherwise, one can try to simply
write a function in Python and put it into PyRunner. It would slow down
the simulation, but polyhedra simulations are very slow anyway, so maybe
the difference wouldn't be so big.

I am working on a similar simulation right now. I use default damping
(0.2), and I will probably stick to this. After deposition, you can
change the damping and check how much your final simulation depends on

Best wishes,

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