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Re: [Question #695989]: Packing with two PSD


Question #695989 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
Hi Jan,

> My question is how to apply force on the spheres without using a
"plate" facet?

just use "plate" box instead of "plate" facet

> I am currently using geom.facetBox ... but still smaller spheres can
pass through it.

use utils.box(es) instead.
As discussed, there are two un-investigated "problems" in your simulation.
1) "walls" are zero-thickness facets. IMO, using boxes with finite thickness should help
2) you have overlapping packing, giving (all, but especially the smaller ones) particles unrealistically high velocities, which helps them to "escape".
I cannot say which (if any) modification will help more, you have to try..

> Also, how to make a packing with 2 psdSizes and psdCumm while using
one packSpherepack() and one toSimulation to avoid initial overlaping of

the same way as now, just delete the first sp.toSimulation()
If you worry about material, you can assign it afterwards according to particle sizes (if the two PSDs are "distinct") or according to len(sp) before the second makeCloud


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