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Re: [Question #697421]: The problem of plot


Question #697421 on Yade changed:

Janek Kozicki proposed the following answer:
"ValueError: shape mismatch" this happens because a plot uses two lists
of points: arguments (say "x") and values (say "y"). Plotting happens at
the same time when calculations are pushing more data points to the
plot. Plotting fails when the amount of "x" differs from the amount of
"y" which happens quite often if calcuations are adding "x" then "y" in
a separate thread. And when their sizes differ then it can't be plotted.
This function setLiveForceAlwaysUpdate makes sure that calculations are
paused during plot refresh, so the problem won't happen.

This bug was reported in https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/issues/110
and fixed in https://gitlab.com/yade-

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