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Re: [Question #697313]: Facing problem in stabilizing the DEM simulation sample when using Hertz-mindlin contact model


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Sarath Chandra Reddy is still having a problem:
Thank you Jan for the reply. 
>please be more specific [1]. Do you get errors? Does it take too much time? The target cannot be reached? ... ?

I am not getting any error but the unbalanced force and mean stress are
not reaching equilibrium even after long time (say even after few days).

>when I am using Hertz-mindlin contact model - with other model(s) it is
ok or not? (like why you mention explicitly "using Hertz-Mindlin

I think this especially when I am using Hertz-Mindlin model as I only
changed small things in original code of Dr.Bruno (mainly about the
contact model).

Please give your advice/suggestions on any measures to be taken to
attain stability quickly.

best wishes

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