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Re: [Question #697545]: How to create a cylinder model with hard and soft interlayer


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Liu Changdong posted a new comment:
Hi Jan:
I have tried the second method you gave me  ‘using the pack.inHalfSpace’ .  However, the 'predicate(pos,r)' shows an error.

After my trial and error, I found the following method should to be

halfSpace1 = pack.inHalfSpace((0.4,0.4,.4),Vector3(1,1,1)) # pack.inHalfSpace(point,normal direction)
halfSpace2 = pack.inHalfSpace((0.6,0.6,.6),Vector3(-1,-1,-1))
#predicate0 = halfSpace1 & halfSpace2 # intersection
def isSoftRockParticle(b):
    pos = b.state.pos
    r = b.shape.radius
    return halfSpace1(pos,r) and halfSpace2(pos,r)

Thanks again!
changdong Liu

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