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Re: [Question #697724]: simulation of uniaxial compression test with precracked


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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:

(I no longer have the scripts of these simulations..)

1. In addition to i.phys.isCohesive = 0,  you may also need to set
i.phys.FnMax = i.phys.FsMax = 0, to be sure (it actually is probably
necessary for FsMax, at least). Identifying particles on either side can
probably be done looking at spatial coordinates of particles, compared
with the spatial coordinates of the crack.

2. I do not know exactly what is going on with your script (quite too
long for me), but note that:

- particles disappearing is often a sign of numerical divergence i.e. a
too high time step (and I would advice using GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper
engine instead of PWaveTimeStep() to decide about O.dt)

- I did not use UniaxialStrainer but velocity-controlled boundary bodies
(Box) to impose the loading. That would need an update of your O.engines
to enable Sphere-Box (packing-boundaries) interactions: https://yade-

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