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Re: [Question #697724]: simulation of uniaxial compression test with precracked


Question #697724 on Yade changed:

Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:

You can choose either option in the jcfpm model. Just change the boolean
smoothJoint from True to False:


if smothJoint=False: regular contacts geometry and mechanical properties (you can modify the properties as you want, e.g., isCohesive=0, FnMax=FsMAx=0).
if smoothJoint=True: the contact geometry will be modified according to the fracture plane and the properties modified according to the joint properties of the JCFPMmat, i.e., jointNormalStiffness, jointShearStiffness, jointFrictionAngle, jointTensileStrength, jointCohesion (you might have errors/strange behaviors if you don't define those since their default values are 0).

The identification of the contacts and particles along the pre-existing
crack/fracture  is done when you type execfile('identifBis.py'). After
that, just loop over the particles and interactions and check their
status: those which are along the fracture plane will be identified as

for particles: https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.wrapper.html?highlight=onjoint#yade.wrapper.JCFpmState.onJoint
for interactions: https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.wrapper.html?highlight=onjoint#yade.wrapper.JCFpmPhys.isOnJoint


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