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[Question #697846]: Target porosity in spherepack.makecloud


New question #697846 on Yade:

Hi, I was trying to do a triaxial test on the sand of porosity 20% and I wasn't able to reach the input porosity. I used the experimental data to determine the particle size distribution and here below I am presenting the data.
Sieve Size(mm)          Weight retained on the sieve(grams)         
0                                                       0
0.075                                              1.94
0.15                                                 2.26
0.212                                              155.33
0.425                                              303.57
0.6                                                   35.3
The total weight of the sand is 500 grams.
I tried changing the distribution, other solutions like reducing friction angle method none of those achieved the required porosity. I am always getting a porosity of more than 40% and reduced to 37% by using the friction method.

Can anyone tell me if I entered the psdSize and psdComm array correctly in the below line of code?


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