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[Question #697909]: unexpected offset angle with the HarmonicRotationEngine


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Hello everyone,

Sorry in advance if the question has already been answered, if it's the case, please redirect me to it.

I am shearing a pack of grains that are contained in a parallelepipedic box by imposing a periodic rotation on two of the side walls, the two rotating walls are facing each other, pure shearing.
For that I am using the partial engine "HarmonicRotationEngine" to rotate the walls. 
So the rotation angle is sinusoidal in time. 

The problem I encounter is that this oscillation of the wall is not centered on zero, there is an offset value of the angle. 
I tried to change the value of the phase "fi" in the partial engine, from 0 to pi/2, it was better, still not centered. 
I also read in the documentation that by default (no "fi" inputted) the body should rotate around its initial position, which is not the case in my simulation.

Why doesn't it rotate around the initiale position ?

I hope it is clear enough.



PS : here is the command line for the partial engine:
HarmonicRotationEngine(dead=True, f =model['f'], A = 2*model['THETA'], ids=Right,rotateAroundZero=True, rotationAxis=(0, 0, 1), zeroPoint=(box['length']/2,-box['width']/2,0), label ='rotR')

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