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Re: [Question #697927]: merge request on gitlab


Question #697927 on Yade changed:

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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:

Push to yade-dev a new branch:

git branch localBranch
git checkout localBranch
git add path/to/new/file.cpp  #Version a newly created file
git commit path/to/new_or_modified/file.cpp -m 'Commit message'  #stage (register) change in the local repository
git pull --rebase upstream master #get updated version of sources from yade-dev repo and apply your commits on the top of them
git push upstream localBranch:newlyCreatedBranch #Push all commits to a new remote branch.

Then you can login to gitlab and see that it suggests you to "create a
merge request" with the newly pushed branch.



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