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Re: [Question #697994]: how to decrease desired cell temperature constantly


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ibraheem khan posted a new comment:
Thanks Robert   
it works now 

def centerCellTemp():
        cellBoundaryCondition=flow.setCellTImposed(centerCellId, 303.15)
        centerCellTemperature=flow.setCellTemperature(centerCellId, linearFunction(O.iter))

def linearFunction(x):
    m = -.01 # change of degrees/iteration
    b = 523.15 # degrees @ iteration 0
    return (y)
O.engines=O.engines+[PyRunner(iterPeriod=20,command ='centerCellTemp()')]
 but i have an issue , my  cell temperature decrease below my desired vale i imposed .
i want cell temperature to be 303.15 but it goes up to -860.15 
how can i control it?

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