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[Question #698152]: Resuming long interrupted calculations


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Hello everybody,
I am running some long lasting simulations, and quite often the calculation is interrupted for some reasons (maintenance operation on the computer, electric shutdown,…). I would like to be able to resume the calculation. 
For this, the O.save() function sounds good. I regularly save the configuration to disc (overwriting the previous one), so I can use it to recover the Omega and restart the simulation. But there are two problems : 
1-      starting in a new .py file I will miss the other function I have defined in the main .py file. 
2-      Some variables are not included in the O.save file (for example variables that serves to know at what point is the loading, which is a cycling load). 
For the problem 1- I can program something in the same main launching file .py file, with a “resume” mode (dealt with some “if iResume: … else: …”)
For the point 2-, I have tried to integrate my useful variables (t_phase, t_deb_phase, t_deb_cycle, n_phase, n_cycle, n_cycle_todo,…) in the omega (O.t_phase, O.t_deb_phase…) but the variables are not saved in the file on the disc (seen in the xml format). 
Does someone has an idea how I can proceed to recover my cycling variables before relaunching the calculation ? 
Thank you

Olivier Gillia

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