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Re: [Question #698253]: Access to body material properties


Question #698253 on Yade changed:

Przemek posted a new comment:
I modified my code and I removed showed lines from .cpp file. I add them
to a NewtonIntegrator.cpp file

State*            state = b->state.get();
		//Material*         mat   = b->material.get();
		const Body::id_t& id    = b->getId();
		Vector3r          f     = Vector3r::Zero();
		Vector3r          m     = Vector3r::Zero();
		state->oldTemp = state->temp;
		state->Cp = CP1 + scene->CP2 * state->oldTemp + scene->CP3 * pow(state->oldTemp,2);
		state->k = K1 + K2 * state->oldTemp + K3 * pow(state->oldTemp, 2) + K4 * pow(state->oldTemp, 3);

But I still have a problem how to get the constants CP1, CP2, etc. to compute the heat capacity...

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