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Re: [Question #698303]: packing porosity for heat capacity scaling according to desired porosity of material


Question #698303 on Yade changed:

Robert Caulk posted a new comment:
Hey Ibraheem,

Ok, so in comparison to [1] what have you changed? (this is typically
the first thing that should be reported when asking questions , please
review point 2 of [2]). I see the youngs modulus is 5 orders of
magnitude higher in your script compared to [1]. However, you hold the
same confining pressure - so I am unsurprised that the equilibrium is
found at a higher porosity. If you desire a lower porosity, you need to
decrease the youngs modulus or increase your confining pressure.

This goes back to my original post - I see no difference scaling heat
porosity from DEM porosity of 0.44 to a "true" porosity of 0.015 or DEM
0.25 to "true" 0.015. In both cases, you are discretizing space (i.e.
the DEM particles do not directly represent grains) which means packing
porosity is just a numerical by product.




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