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Re: [Question #698346]: Why VTKExporter does not work?


Question #698346 on Yade changed:

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Mahdeyeh gave more information on the question:
Hi Jan
I apologize for always explaining badly!

> What does "saved" mean?
 I ran a script with 'yade test.py', (in this script, VTK exported and everything was ok). I have saved simulation in iteration 2591000 with command =   O.save('iter2591000.bz2')
Then for some reason first simulation stopped.

so : 
> What does "load" mean?
I used saved file (iter2591000.bz2) and load it with command = O.load('iter2591000.bz2') 
to continue the simulation.

>  What does "file" mean?

> in original script? from original script?
from original script.

> what does "in saved file mean"?
When I load the scene ('iter2591000.bz2') later and resume the simulation.

 > Please be consistent
 After resume simulation with ( O.load), I import again lines below in terminal:

from yade import export,polyhedra_utils
import os
from yade import plot
import math
from yade import utils
import pylab
import matplotlib; matplotlib.rc('axes',grid=True)
from matplotlib import pyplot
from yade import qt
import numpy as np
from numpy import *
from yade import export as expt


ClumpVtkData = expt.VTKExporter(O.tags['id']+'/'+'clumpData')
def VTKview():
    for b in O.bodies:
        ClumpVtkData.exportSpheres(ids='all', what={('color','b.shape.color')})
        ClumpVtkData.exportFacets(ids='all', what={('color','b.shape.color')})


> should be self-explanatory. Did you import ClumpVtkData?
yes, as I wrote above with : 
ClumpVtkData = expt.VTKExporter(O.tags['id']+'/'+'clumpData')

> The description is a bit vague and ambiguous.
I really sorry.

Best regards,

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