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Re: [Question #698058]: confused by UniaxialStrainer's parameters and uniaxial compression test


Question #698058 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> I found that the stress-strain curve of uniaxial test remained linear, and there was no sign of failure.
> I guess it's due to the material parameters.
> young=1e9
> normalCohesion=1e9
> shearCohesion=1e9
> RollingStiffness=1

I also guess is due to material parameters.
Have you tried to change them?

I would start with "extremes", e.g. zero cohesion, rolling stiffness etc. should give non-cohesive "weak" material which definitely should fail.
Then you can start to increase the values until you get desired response.

For experimenting, you can also increase strain rate of the loading.
Maybe the specimen fail much later than you compute.


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