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Re: [Question #698464]: asphalt mixture model, contract


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Jan Stránský requested more information:

please read [1].
To improve the chance to get a reasonable answer, please provide (much) more information.

> asphalt mixture model, contract

why is "contract" in the title of the question?

> I am learning how to build asphalt mixture model recently.

please be more specific.
What does "learning" mean (some links, script, ...)?
What does "to build ... model" mean (develop a new material model, choosing material model, how to put the chosen material model to the code, choosing suitable particle packing, ...)?
What scenarios of asphalt mixture do you want to simulate (mixing x poured, fresh flow x final position). What spatial and time scales do you expect in your simulation (milisconds, seconds, ..., years)?

> And I'm very confused about establishing the contact between

Please be (much much) more specific.
Why are you confused, what is the source of the confusion?
What does "establishing" mean (developing a new material model, choosing suitable particle packing, ...)?
What is "the contact between particles"?
Why "the contact", is it some specific one contact?
What are "particles" (physical particles of the system, artificial discretization, ...)? Spheres, clumps, polyhedrons, ...?

> Do you have any code for me to refer to?

Do you have any code for us to refer to?
See above. Simulation script? Material model source code? ... ?


[1] https://www.yade-dem.org/wiki/Howtoask

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