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Re: [Question #698572]: Is it possible to constrain the motion of a body along a circle


Question #698572 on Yade changed:

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Rohit John gave more information on the question:
Hello Jan,

I am trying to simulate a rigid box that is constrained to rotate about
an axis that does pass through its centre of mass. The box is modelled
used pFacets and all the pFacets are clumped together. This box is
supposed to rotate freely and collide with another object, which is a
brush modelled using gridConnections.

I tried blocking the DOF of the clump. This constrains the box to rotate
about an axis passing through its centre of mass. I require it to rotate
about an axis that is eccentric, one that does not pass through the
centre of mass. From what I understand, the rotationEngine forces the
body to rotate about a given axis at a given angular velocity. I want
the body to rotate freely and react to collisions. Is that possible with
the rotationEngine?

Thanks and Kind regards,
Rohit K. John

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