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Re: [Question #698388]: MPI with Clumps Particles


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Nima Goudarzi is still having a problem:
Hi Robert.

Many thanks for getting back to me. Indeed, this was my first guess for an unsuccessful simulation but something prevents me from attributing everything to the inability of sound splitting when clumps are present. YADE splits the domain per my request for the number of threads meaning that it is either able to cross the boundaries beyond the whole clump or pass it through them. In the latter case (if it is possible), the clumps are split at the boundaries which could be the origin of the error I receive but I cannot verify if this is the case. The other weird thing I'm encountering is that the simulation runs for a few thousand iterations and then is terminated suddenly. I assume if YADE cannot handle clumps, as you suggested, the simulation shouldn't even start.   
Regarding this, I can consider the possibility of missing some mpi customization for ranks and subdomains since I am using the automatic splitting scheme from one of the mpi examples. Any thoughts on this possibility are also welcome. To a lesser extent, I also am doubtful about the consistency of the mpi with the engines I have used for translation and rotation of the imported .stl file. 
FYI, I sometimes get a similar error with imported purely spherical particles and in a gravity collapse test.

Looking forward to hearing back from Bruno and taking any required
actions to resolve the issue.

Much obliged


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