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Re: [Question #698948]: Stability of advection modeling by ThermalEngine


Question #698948 on Yade changed:

Zoheir Khademian posted a new comment:
Thanks so much Robert for the great suggestions. I forgot to mention
that the example I am basing the MWE on is [1] but I added the wall
compaction and made the particles dynamic false after compaction.

I am going through the trial and error approach you suggested, but I had
a question about what you said earlier in this thread: "The one issue we
may run into is when two tetrahedra centers occur on top of one
another". How can this be an issue? I mean how the alignment of two
meshes on the top of each other can contribute to the instability of TH?
Could you direct me to the section in the source code that may be
sensitive to this specific configuration of meshes?

I will get back to you about the results of the trial and error

Thank again


[1] https://gitlab.com/yade-

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