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Re: [Question #699100]: Cohesive Soil


Question #699100 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Jan Stránský requested more information:
> I could find a few soil simulations according to the Hertz Mindlin,
while I didn't find any soil simulation with Luding contact law.

what is "simulation"?
Yade script?
General modeling approach?
Usage in journal articles?
... ?

Anyway, you have reference to literature in the documentation [2] and
usage in yade example scripts [3]

> So, I wonder if, it would be acceptable in the literature to pick
Luding contact for a soil??

What is "the literature"?
Why would not it be acceptable?

> I will appreciate that if any one can give some more information about
capability of the Luding contact law to model the soil.

We will appreciate that if you can give some more information about what is "the soil" and what is "to model".
Where "some more information" = much much more information.


[1] https://www.yade-dem.org/wiki/Howtoask
[2] https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.wrapper.html#yade.wrapper.LudingMat
[3] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/tree/master/examples/LudingPM

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