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Re: [Question #699070]: Effect of particle size on noise in the results


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> Are the components regular or not? not sure what does this mean?

how are the particles generated? As regural packing, e.g. hexagonal, or
randomly? (if randomly, then how randomly?

> I have been advised that using large particles in DEM results in the
noise in the output and I do not quite understand why.

Take an extreme. Particles 2 m size (roughly half the bucket width).
Then (assuming random particle positions) sometimes one particle ends in
bucket, sometimes two, in some cases no particle (I guess).

"Small" particles behave "like continuum", uniform matter, the differences between individual runs (shifting bucket) should not be significant.
"Large" particles, specifically their mutual positions, can influence the results (or its scatter) much more.

> If that is the case then how should we simulate phenomenon with large
particle sizes?

not relying on one simulation, but make same "statistics" from several


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