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Re: [Question #699072]: About the examples/ThermalEngine


Question #699072 on Yade changed:

    Status: Solved => Open

Ziyu Wang is still having a problem:
Hello Robert,
The situation is like this, I consulted the forum and referred to the solution of [1] to change the value of flow.useSolver.
As you said,when I change the value to 0 or 3,it seems that the error not happen and everything is normal.
I also refer to the explanation of flow.useSolver in [2]
(ps:Maybe it’s because I don’t know what the exact result should look like)

Yes,the script have thermal.advection=True for achieving advection,but when I run the script as useSolver=4,it still have the same problem although I have update the yadedaily to 20211018-5981~9b2e38e.:
CHOLMOD warning: matrix not positive definite. file: ../Supernodal/t_cholmod_super_numeric.c line: 911
the plot is blank and O.bodies.state.temp=nan..
What should I do.

Best regards.


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