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Re: [Question #700031]: postprocessing data with tassellationWrapper


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I plan to use the tasselationWrapper utility to compute some micro-strain. However, first I wanted to test it out on a simple problem. I tried using the triaxial example [1] but I don't see anything in the VTK results.  Therefore, I modified it slightly to increase the resolution (i.e. the number of grains) and the total strain and tried playing around with Paraview's clip/slice/threshold filters, with no improvements. Am I missing something?  I'm not sure exactly what I should see from the example as the youtube link [2] only shows the compression phase and not the postprocessing. I'm using Yade 2021-06-08

tt.numberOfGrains = 5000
TW.triangulate()        #compute regular Delaunay triangulation, don’t construct tesselation
TW.computeVolumes()     #will silently tesselate the packing, then compute volume of each Voronoi cell
TW.volume(10)           #get volume associated to sphere of id 10
TW.setState(0)          #store current positions internaly for later use as the "0" state
O.run(20000,True)         #make particles move a little (let's hope they will!)
TW.setState(1)          #store current positions internaly in the "1" (deformed) state
#Now we can define strain by comparing states 0 and 1, and average them at the particles scale


[1] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/blob/master/examples/tesselationwrapper/tesselationWrapper.py
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o3Y4znBmh8

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