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Re: [Question #700031]: postprocessing data with tassellationWrapper


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Marco Previtali posted a new comment:
Hi Karol,
when I say I don't see anthing in the result, I mean that I don't see any distinct feature (i.e. I tried increasing the strain and resolution).

the example you proposed does indeed show what one would expect (a
vertical shear band).

I will try again with a triaxial test increasing the number of particles
even further, hoping some visible shear band developes.

Thank you, this pretty much answered my question.

I have one last question: what does the TW.volume(10) command do? Get
the volume of an arbitary particle? As far as I can tell that's
something required for micro-stresses but I'm not certain. From Catalano
2014 et al, [1], Fig. 9, I would say the volumes are obtained at run-
time, not a-priori.

Kind regards,

[1] https://arxiv.org/pdf/1304.4895.pdf

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